Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Book of Me, Written By You - Prompt 1

"The Book of Me, Written By You" is a GeneaBloggers project created by Julie Goucher of the Anglers Rest blog. The concept: a series of blogging and writing prompts that help family historians capture their own memories and write about themselves.

The prompt for week 1 is a recognized psychology test: 
Ask yourself 20 times “Who are you?” 
Each time you should give yourself a different answer, and if you can easily go beyond 20 entries then that is fine too. 
This prompt is about how YOU see YOU.

1. Daughter

2. Only Child

3. Cousin
4. Friend

5. Book Lover

6. Travelling companion
7. Wife

8 and 9 Aunt and Sister-in-Law

10 Mother

11 2nd cousin

12. Lady in Waiting to the Queen of the Tea Cosies

13 and 14. Knitter and Cat Lover
15. Step-Sister

16. Graduate and Mistress of Information Studies

17. Family Historian
18. Film Lover

19. Librarian

20. Blogger


Ann ODyne said...

... and Time Management miracle.

Alex Daw said...

And very lazy housewife!

diane b said...

What a quick insight into you. Enjoyed this post. I must check out this meme.

Kristin said...

Very nice! Interesting to learn more about you and I love the pictures. I will have to get started on mine.

Kat Mortensen said...

We're supposed to do photos? Oh my goodness!

Loved your responses, Alex. You certainly are a complex woman.

Alex Daw said...

Dear Diane - Thank you. Always good to hear from you. I hope I can stick to it (the theme). It's quite a commitment!

Alex Daw said...

Hello Kristin. It was fun choosing the pictures but got a bit hairy there for a while. I pressed a button and quite a few went into the black hole of blogland. If I organised my photos a bit better on my computer it wouldn't have been such a drama. First world problems I know.

Alex Daw said...

Dear Kat - I don't think we're meant to do photos. I'm just in the Sepia Saturday groove and thought it might help. Thanks for your kind comments. I think my husband might call me complicated ;)

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

i love how you'vemixed the photos with the descriptors. I also love the Mistress of Info Studies

Alex Daw said...

Hi Pauleen...It was fun to put together. I'm glad it worked.

Sharon said...


I had a similar idea and used a few photos but have decided not to share.

Alex Daw said...

Thanks Sharon. It's a great meme isn't it and exciting to see so many wanting to participate.

Anne Young said...

I really liked the way you used the photos. I am having a go at this meme but am too shy to share :) I enjoy reading what others have put up though.

Alex Daw said...

Dear Anne - It is really great to see how everyone interprets the prompts isn't it? Thanks for your kind comments.