Thursday, May 10, 2012

Imagine my surprise...

Photo courtesy of Karva Javi on Flickr
I love a good surprise.   The past couple of weeks have been a hive of feverish activity as I struggle to finish my assessment work for Uni, start a new full-time job and stay on top of my commitments to the Research team at the Queensland Family History Society.

I finished my last assignment last night for this Semester's course - Information Service Management and hopped into bed wreathed in that sense of virtuousness which is so short lived when one realizes that one still has two subjects to go before one is finished with literature reviews and the like.

As a special treat I opened my copy of Inside History which arrived in the post that day and which I had been studiously avoiding reading until the assignment was finished.

It looked a great edition from the cover - an article about the Salvation Army Family Tracing Service which I'd only be promoting last weekend at a Library Assistants' Meeting at QFHS.  I was also pleased to see that marvellous Goulds now stocks the FlipPal mobile scanner which I have been lusting after for quite some time.  Inside History has a competition to win one which makes it even more of a good reason to subscribe to the magazine today.  I agreed with Neville Fogg who wrote the star letter to the editor that magazine is to be commended for its covers which are very eye-catching and seductive to family historians/those interested in history.  There was a great article on the team behind the fabulous website Historypin and of course I love their calendar of events around Australia.

So where was the surprise?  Well one of the articles was about 50 Blogs you need to follow and I was pleased to see Twigs of Yore and The Tree of Me and Shauna Hicks blog and Judy Webster's blog but imagine my surprise when I saw the baby of the bunch - THIS VERY BLOG - in the list.  A big thank you to Jill Ball and the Inside History team for plucking this little blog from the mire of anonymity and popping it into the limelight surrounded by such legends.  We are very chuffed and very excited.

May is turning into a very good month indeed!


Sharon said...

Thanks for mentioned The Tree of Me. Your post has reminded me to look for accompanying images I can freely use from Flickr. Pleased you've finished uni for the semester.

Shelley Crawford said...

Congratulations! And do you know what? I'm chuffed and excited that you mentioned my blog among those you were chuffed and excited to be included with!

Alex Daw said...

Hi Sharon

Happy to be of service and yes, happy to be free of assessment for the moment!

Alex Daw said...

Dear Shelley

Isn't the blogosphere a marvellous place?!