Here is a list ordered by location of where our ancestors are buried and wherever possible with exact location.




Church of England Cemetery Sandgate

Robert William Jeffery, aged 10 days, buried 27 June (died 26 June) 1943, Alex's 2nd cousin


Canobolas Crematorium

Ernest Henry Forfar, aged 59, cremated 17 September (died 15 September) 1959 - Alex's 


Northern Suburbs Crematorium

Clara Rebecca Fitzhardinge (nee Smith), 73 years, cremated 30 November (died 28 November) 1960, Presbyterian, Alex's 

Roman Catholic Cemetery Field of Mars

John McLoughlin, Municipal employee, aged 86 buried 16 November (died 14 November) 1953 - Alex's


Anglican and General Cemeteries

Independent Cemetery

Kate Amelia Forfar (nee Ellis), aged 30, buried 2 January (died 31 Dec 1905) 1906, Congregational (Alex's great-grandmother)

Kathleen Helen McLoughlin (nee Forfar), aged 55, buried 14th April (died 11th April) 1958, C of E, Alex's grandmother

Thomas Joseph Benedict McLoughlin, clerk, aged 84, buried 8th November (died 2nd November) 1982, Catholic, Alex's grandfather


Edwin Osward Conner, aged 21, cremated 1st November (died 30th October) 1947, C of E - Alex's uncle

Irene Hall (nee Carrett)  - Alex's great aunt

South Head Cemetery

Eleanor Eliza Conner (nee Cook), aged 68, buried 17 April (died 16 April) 1943, C of E - Alex's great-grandmother

Edwin Conner, fitter, aged 58, buried 15 November (died 3rd November) 1927, Methodist - Alex's great-grandfather

Woronora Crematorium

Daisy Minnie Carrett, aged 86 cremated 4 January (died 3rd January) 1963, C of E - Alex's great grandmother

Dorothy Emily Peterson (nee Forfar), aged 77, buried 22 December (died 21 December), 1977, Alex's 


St Clement's Cemetery 

Samuel Taylor, grazier, aged 74 buried 25 March (died 23 March) 1871 C of E (Alex's 3rd great grandfather)

Margaret Taylor, aged 68 buried 8 June (died 6 June) 1875 C of E (Alex's 3rd great-grandmother)

Toowong Cemetery

William Henry Smith, school inspector, aged 76, buried 27 December (died 26 December) 1935, Presbyterian, Alex's

Clara Rebecca Smith (nee Conner), aged 81, buried 11 September (died 9 Sept) 1939, C of E - Alex's 

Woombye Cemetery

Harriet Rowland (nee Conner), aged 78, buried 27 September (died 25 September) 1944, Brethren, Alex's 

John David Rowland, aged 71, buried 25 August (died 23 August) 1954


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