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Sepia Saturday 183: 29th June 2013 - Caves

The first picture in this post is one taken by my father of my mother standing and looking at the harbour of Polperro in Cornwall.   This week's Sepia Saturday post is "grottoes, tunnels, caverns, potholes or mines". I thought this would be easy peasy as in my youth we spent many happy holidays at the Blue Mountains and often trekked off to the Jenolan Caves . But I have been through all my albums and am hard pressed to find any photos or postcards that give any indication of going to the caves.  We must have been too busy looking at the stalactites and stalagmites to be taking photos.  Remember if they are falling down they are stalactites - just like the tights I used to wear at school that I had to keep pulling up. Then I thought some more and remembered how much I loved Enid Blyton's books in my youth...particularly The Secret of Spiggy Holes.   Cover of Armada edition published 1965 - cover illustration by Mary Gernat Originally pub

Sepia Saturday 182: 22nd June 2013 - Shovel and Pick

Photo of William Joseph Hinde (far right) by L & D Keen Commercial Photographers c1948 If you like to match the theme of our Sepia Saturday prompts, how about: bowler hats, milk churns (or dairies), men (or women) posing on horseback, Australia, farms, or any combination of these. Marily (Little Nell), Sepia Saturday Blog Well I know we won't be getting any milk out of the above healthy specimen, but I do believe that I have struck the jackpot with a man in a bowler hat.  And I can vouch for this being Australian and probably a bit to do with farms.  In particular - a prison farm. This is a picture of my husband's Uncle Bill (great-uncle really) - that is to say, William Joseph Hinde.   Uncle Bill was born 28 November 1903 at Gilston, Queensland. He was the younger brother of my husband's grandmother, Dorothy or Dolly.  One of 7 brothers and 2 sisters.   Uncle Bill doted on my husband when he was little.   Unfortunately he died too soo

Sepia Saturday 181: 15 June 2013 - May I broach ...?

Today's Sepia Saturday subject is bodily adornment. This first photo is of my maternal grandmother Kit Forfar.  She is wearing pearls, pearl earrings, a gondola brooch and a rather fetching pair of adorned glasses.  I'm guessing this photo was taken circa 1950s - Kit died April 1958. I still have the gondola brooch.   Look here it is in my collection... Brooches have been much discussed at work this week as one of our colleagues (who has a very fine collection) has been sporting them on her lapel daily.   If you look up the meaning of brooch in my husband's delapidated dictionary from school days (Concise Oxford Dictionary of Current English - Fourth Edition 1951) it says: n. ornamental, jewelled.  etc., safety-pin for fastening some part of female dress, esp. the neck. [ME broche = BROACH]  and of course broach (or the first meaning of broach in same dictionary) means: n. Roasting-spit; church spire rising from tower without para